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Jim was an early reader at four years of age, and started writing stories and poems not long after. His obvious talent brought him early recognition and encouragement from his teachers, and his poems and essays were featured in various school publications. With that early boost in confidence, he has continued to write throughout his life. He was a newspaper and magazine columnist for more than two decades and was a professional business writer for ten years before his retirement in 2017.

He has written several books and numerous published essays and articles. Sales of his non-fiction books have raised thousands of dollars for charity and fresh second editions of his five novels are to be re-released throughout 2022. Check back later for updated information.

Come Back To Life

Come Back To Life is the inspiring story of a seasoned media veteran who unexpectedly found himself struck down by a massive heart attack…

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Uncle Jimmy’s Excellent Adventure

This volume is actually two books in one. It began as a straightforward recounting of my life-long involvement with music, written at…

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