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After more than five decades as a professional communicator, Jim Chapman still has a lot to say. He is knowledgeable on a wide range of topics and knows how to win and hold an audience. From politics to the media to business to spiritual renewal and more, Jim informs, involves and most importantly, entertains his listeners. Seminars, retreats, keynote addresses, Jim Chapman delivers the goods.

“Our organization has featured many different speakers over the years but your presentation was truly unique and memorable. You had our members laughing out loud, sometimes almost crying, and hanging on everything you said. Even more important, you made a real difference in helping all of us understand how to be more effective at our jobs, more helpful to our patients and occasionally,
even kinder to ourselves.”

Cathy Spina, Canadian
Association of Critical Care Nurses

“I really enjoyed your presentation. It was very dynamic and you mesmerized all of us with your account of what your Near Death Experience taught you about life and living. I think it is as therapeutic as it is bang-on useful in putting negative energy and time-thieving thoughts to bed.”

John Wade, “The Dog Guy”, Best-Selling Author and Nationally-Syndicated Newspaper Columnist

“Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to present to St. Joseph’s Hospice volunteers on your NDE experience. I had some wonderful feedback from the group on how much they enjoyed your talk. You have been blessed with the gift of being a great ‘story teller’ and it shows in your enthusiasm and descriptive stories. Your presentation brought to life the need for all of us to enjoy each day given to us and not to worry about things that are out of our control.”

Carla McDonald, St. Joseph’s Hospice

“I had followed Jim Chapman in the media for years and was excited by the opportunity to have him speak to the London Executives Association. I was not quite sure what to expect, but Jim did not disappoint. He is warm and engaging in person and his keynote speech about his NDE and his 25-Hour Day Program ran the gamut of emotions, taking us from tears to laughter. His presentation was very well received and in the end, I left the event with a renewed love and appreciation of work, life, and above all family.”

Shawn Wright, London Executives Association

“I just want to tell you once again that your performance the other night was truly outstanding. I hope you could tell by the standing ovation that you hit the nail right on the head with our crowd. You have a powerful, life-changing
message to share.”

Peter Watson, Event Coordinator, Wolf Performance Hall

“I want to thank you for the incredible talk you gave in Rochester last Saturday. I’m certainly looking forward to reading your book.”

Dave Bennett, Upstate New York IANDS

“You’ve had a remarkable life and you have a remarkable gift.”

Professor Jan Holden, University of North Texas

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The 25-Hour Day Strategy

When popular Canadian broadcaster and journalist Jim Chapman survived a heart-attack-related Near Death Experience in 1999, he found he had a new outlook on many aspects of life, a gift from having ‘crossed over’ and been allowed to come back. He recounted his remarkable experiences in his best-selling book “Heart and Soul” and its sequel, “Come Back to Life”. Building on them with research and reflection he developed a practical approach to making our lives more rewarding and fulfilling.

Jim believes the key is to harness the time we unknowingly waste on ‘fretting and regretting’. Surveys have revealed most of us spend at least an hour a day worrying about things we cannot control. That’s an hour that is totally wasted and unproductive, an hour we need to take back. Drawing on what his NDE taught him about what is really valuable in life, Jim developed the concept of what he calls The 25-Hour Day.

“My name is Jim Chapman and I’ve been a radio/TV talk show host, newspaper columnist and writer since the early 1990’s. Over the years I’ve learned a lot from interviewing guests like motivational guru Zig Ziglar, syndicated radio hosts Dr. Laura Schlessinger and Dr. Joy Brown, best-selling authors Marianne Williamson, Victor Hansen and Steve Allen, and many other inspiring people.

I was enjoying a wonderful career but in 1999 I had a serious heart attack and died in the ER. Doctors eventually brought me back to life, but not before I’d gone through a remarkable experience that changed my outlook on just about everything.

There is nothing quite like being dead, even for a few minutes, to make you really appreciate being alive.

You might say I’m now a man on a mission: I had to die to learn how to really live and I’m driven to share my experience and what it taught me. I developed my 25-Hour Day Program to show people how to get more out of living by cutting through the unnecessary distractions of everyday life at work and at home. And keep smiling while they do it. Through my presentations, audiences learn to focus more efficiently on what they really need to get done, connect more effectively with others, improve their ability to handle crisis and change, and put a positive spin on almost any negative situation.

I know the 25-Hour Day Program works because I’ve seen it change many people’s lives for the better. It’s that simple.”

Jim has shared his story with audiences across the United States from Seattle to Dallas to New York City, and throughout Ontario as well. He has been interviewed on the ABC, CTV, TVO, and Discovery television networks, and on the BBC and CBC radio networks, as well as dozens of radio stations and podcasts across North America.

If you would like Jim to bring his life-improving discoveries and techniques to your organization or event as a dynamic and motivating keynote speaker, take a big step towards a happier and more productive future and contact us.

You will not be disappointed.