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I lost some friends recently because I refused to get the Covid jabs, and preferred to self‑quarantine at home until alternate preventions and better treatments became available. After evaluating all the information I could find, I did not believe the jab chemicals had been adequately tested, and was concerned about potential unanticipated side effects for people with my health history. So I masked up on those infrequent times I had to leave home for doctor’s appointments and such, and otherwise minded my own business. I was no threat to anybody. But that was apparently not enough for them.

I got the full-tilt “if you won’t get the jabs you want Granny to die” nonsense attempts to bully me into compliance, and lost some long-time friends when I still refused. For the record, I despise bullies, however justified they may feel, and this bunch was no different. Also for the record, the research I did at reputable sources, and the conclusions it indicated, is now being validated around the world. Covid was not and is not the deadly super-plague our leaders insisted it was, as many experienced front-line doctors tried desperately to convey but were villainized and shouted down in the name of “the public good”. You may disagree with that statement if it makes you feel better, but that now means it’s you who is not “following the science”.

I know I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer but here is something I absolutely do not understand. Most people will readily admit that the government wastes a lot of tax dollars. They know politicians cannot be trusted because they lie at every election, and frequently between them, and seem incapable of telling the truth without spinning it to their advantage. Most Canadian voters would certainly not want those same people to tell them how to raise their kids, where they can live, what kind of car they can buy, how to invest their savings, what they can eat, what kind of clothes they are allowed to wear, whether or not they’re allowed to see a doctor, go to church. or take a vacation. I’m sure it would be a Canada-wide ‘hard no’ on all of the above.

Yet more than half of Canadians apparently believe, without question, anything those same politicians tell them about their health. We’ve seen that on display (often proudly) for more than two years now, even though significant dissent from the government narrative  can be found throughout the scientific community, and if you genuinely “follow the science” it often doesn’t lead where the government tells you it does. 

But none of that matters to the true believers. You either unquestioningly follow the latest mandates or you are simply dismissed as a “conspiracy theorist”. And there are legions of people ready to attack anyone who doesn’t agree with the politicians, including family members and friends. If you don’t follow the official narrative, you are somehow unworthy of serious consideration or even polite discourse. You are a fool, you don’t know what’s good for you, and that’s that. It would be almost comical if it weren’t so serious. Threats to life and liberty, name-calling that would make a longshoreman blush, insults that bear no relation to reality, these are all part of the vitriolic arsenal of the super-credulous defenders of the government’s social status quo. 

How in the world did we ever get to the point where such behaviour was met with anything but pity and scorn?

One of the supposed advantages of our multi-cultural Canadian society is the “strength of diversity” we hear about almost constantly from its proponents. There is no question that it’s a major tenet of their approach to building a better society: supporting “diversity” is trotted out as the rationale for any number of social programs and initiatives, and you publicly dissent from that mantra at your peril. The social justice warriors will descend on you with all the force at their disposal. Which, with the government at their backs, can be considerable.

Yet many (most) of these same people have had no problem trying to stifle even the slightest straying from the “approved” opinion about Covid. Suddenly, diversity is a weakness, not a strength, and dissenters are not enriching our society. The very fact they are asking questions is denounced as an attack against the entire social order. Quite an about-face, I’d say. I don’t like to call people names but I have no problem identifying such a stance as deeply hypocritical.

We face a lot of challenges in our society, but I believe one of the greatest is how we move from the current poisoned atmosphere in the metaphorical civic square back to a situation where we can respect each other’s differences and discuss them openly, calmly and rationally. I see no other way to bridge the deep fissures opening in our society, and if we don’t find some way to do that, I fear our best days are behind us.  

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. Those who ignore its lessons are simply doomed.” 


I am very interested in your thoughts on this issue, whether you agree with me or not. The more we all know about every side of an issue, the better. Thanks.

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