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Come Back To Life

Imagine being barely nineteen years old and having your biggest dream come true when you sign a recording contract with Columbia Records in New York City. You cut a song everyone agrees will be a hit, then see your career crash and burn because of industry politics you don’t understand.

Fast forward a couple of years to a new band, and a record that does make it to the top of the charts- but only after a serious depression forced you to leave the group. You end up playing recycled Top 40 tunes in a bowling alley bar while your ex-bandmates live your dream and tour the world. Imagine how that would feel. Jim Chapman doesn’t have to. He lived it, and it was tough.

But he fought back through years of depression and doubt until, at age 50, he was finally at the top of his game as a popular radio/TV talk show host and journalist. But without warning he was felled by a fatal heart attack and swept to the Other Side by a Near Death Experience that lasted until his heart was restarted in a hospital Emergency Room several minutes later.

‘Come Back To Life’ is the story of his journey from the world of rock and roll and news media to another world entirely, his return, and the precious life lessons he learned along the way. It is a story that has touched people of all ages and all walks of life, and has been life-changing for many of them.

Come Back To Life

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Here are some comments about Jim and his book:

“Jim Chapman’s story is an inspiring, transformative and deeply personal testimony to that all-embracing presence at the circumference and also at the core of the heart and mind of each and everyone of us. It’s a matter of life’s triumph over death and so its message is one of urgent, universal importance.”

Tom Harpur, best-selling author of, among others, “There is Life After Death” “Water Into Wine”, “The Pagan Christ”, “Living Waters”, and “Born Again”

“Come Back To Life is an uplifting message of benefit to everyone.”

Anthony Wilson-Smith, Editor, Maclean’s: Canada’s News Magazine

“I am glad you survived your heart attack and are now sharing your story. It is a very important one.”

Jean Charest, Canadian political leader

“A friend sent me your book and it saved my life. I cannot thank you enough for having the courage to write about something that many people have experienced and most (like me) are afraid to talk about. I’m not afraid any more, about living or dying.”

Mary Martin

“The compelling way Jim described his life and his death made me feel like I was reliving the events with him.”

Wesley Killins

“I loved your book and feel so much more comfortable about growing old after reading it.”

Al Lewis