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Who Is Jim Chapman?

Born in London, Canada, in 1949, Jim has been blessed with a life full of challenge and adventure. He was signed to Columbia Records in New York in 1968, played bass in rockabilly legend Ronnie Hawkins' band in the early 70's, and subsequently performed across the eastern U.S. and Canada for many years, fronting several groups of his own.

He was the president of a major recording studio, where he honed his skills as a songwriter, studio musician and producer. He was also a partner in a prominent entertainer management company, a full-service advertising and promotion company, and London's first successful musical jingle production company. For one energizing season he was the Promotions and Marketing Manager for the Detroit Tigers' baseball farm team in London.

Health issues forced him to retire from the business world in 1980 and with his new wife Carlyn he went back on the road as an entertainer for much of the decade. The couple later returned to London, built another recording studio, and ran a profitable radio/TV musical jingle company and a communications consultancy with clients like The London PUC, Ontario Hydro, Kraft Foods, and others.

From 1992 until 2012 Jim was a prominent local newspaper and magazine columnist and radio/TV broadcaster. He interviewed and reported on most of the Canadian political, literary and social leaders of the day, and many from the United States as well. Prior to his retirement in 2017, Jim had also been working as a professional writer and business consultant for more than a decade.

He has released three albums of original songs and as of March, 2022 has just finished his ninth book, Uncle Jimmy's Excellent Adventure, available on this site at The Bookstore.

In 2022 he returned to the public forum with the It Seems To Me blog and vlog, affording him the opportunity to share his political and social opinions and life interests with his wide circle of friends, fans and followers.

Jim Chapman has been happily married to Carlyn for more than 40 years and in 2021 they downsized to a cosy retirement bungalow in London’s Old East Village with two dogs and a cat: Molly, Jo-Jo and Punkin. As of 2022 their much-loved immediate family includes 2 siblings and their spouses, two nieces and three nephews and their spouses, six grand-nieces, and four grand-nephews.

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Check Out: It Seems To Me

For many years on radio, TV and in print, I earned my living by expressing my opinions about almost anything that came along. I had only two rules: don't say or write anything you don't believe, and don't believe anything you can't back up with facts. I will follow the same guidelines in these pages.

Check Out: The Music Studio

Jim has been a musician and performer for most of his life, and spent years as a professional on stage and in the recording studio. He has also assembled a major collection of vintage guitars, basses and amplifiers. In The Music Studio you'll find information about Jim's upcoming performances, as well as stories about his life in the music business and some of the rare and unique instruments he is privileged to own.

Check Out: The Bookstore

In recent years, Jim indulged a passion for writing that led to the creation of several novels and his latest non-fiction work, a 190,000-word book titled “Uncle Jimmy's Excellent Adventure”, about the London music scene in the 1960's and his own extensive musical career. The hefty volume also has more than 900 pictures, and has been endorsed by the London Music Hall Of Fame. It is published by Jim's company Bettger Books, as are volumes by other Canadian authors like Herman Goodden, Sonia Halpern, and Dick Williams.

Check Out: Come Back To Life

Following a series of heart attacks in 1999, Jim wrote his first book, “Heart and Soul”, about his Near Death Experience after his heart stopped in the ER. It became a Canadian bestseller and led to a follow-up book, “Come Back To Life”, that has also enjoyed success with critics, and readers from around the world.

Check Out: Jim Chapman Speaks

Jim's media profile and the positive reaction to his book “Come Back To Life” led to interviews on the CTV, CBC, ABC, BBC and Discovery radio and TV networks, as well as speaking engagements in Canada and the U.S. That in turn led to the development of a series of self-help presentations called “The 25-Hour Day” for people seeking more out of life. Though semi-retired, Jim continues to speak and lecture on a wide variety of topics.

Check Out: Aging Gracefully

Jim continues his interest in spiritual and physical heath and writes regularly on health issues of particular interest to seniors.

Check Out: Hit The Road

A lifelong fan of collector cars who has owned a number of outstanding vehicles, Jim maintains his keen interest in the hobby and the history of motoring.